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Good morning,   I am looking for examples of SQL expressions to use in Make Query Layer that have WHERE statements that include conditions based on attribute values and geometries.  The SDE from which I am pulling is an Oracle database.   Question 2: Who in a ModelBuilder tool or script tool asked an user to supply a geometry that is then used… (Show more)
Have some values that are separated by space.  Is it possible to have a space as the attribute separator and if yes, how?  Have tried ( ) and also (U+0020)--both were unsuccessful when parsing attributes.  Using 10.41 GEP and it is not possible to change the stream coming in.
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
Looking for guidance on how to configure GeoEvent server to work through a web server similar to using a Web Adaptor.   Has anyone here set that up?  I have used IIS Application Request Routing (ARR) for other web services hosted on non-standard ports, but wanted to see if there was a tried and true method for routing traffic to port 6143.    Our… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
Has anyone tried integrating weather sensor from Earthnetworks in Esri Platform. Please share Case study / reference links.
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
I am working on a thesis where I have data from 2000-2015 that shows lyme disease cases by county for each year. This data has been joined with a county shapefile and I used graded colors based on number of cases/county. I want to use a Time Slider to show the progression each year, and I had to put all the years in one dbf and "transpose" them to… (Show more)
Hi,   i copied some point data (70 Mio) from a big data fileshare to the big data store using the "copy to datastore" tool. It creates a feature service which works fine. I want to use a mapservice with the on the fly aggegation capability on the data though. How can i create such a map service?   Best, Johannes
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
We're trying to get the new cool Join Tool in Geoanalytics (ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server - YouTube ) to work, but we're running into some errors.   When we try to use a service that's stored in Big Data store we end up getting error with some of the Geoanalytics Tools. This seems to be because of the services being WGS84 geographic coordinate… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
Dear all,   I am polling an external website that is returning json example shown below   {   "terminalLocationList": {     "terminalLocation": [       {         "address": "some value",         "currentLocation": {           "accuracy": -1,           "latitude": 51.24624,           "longitude": -1.10018,           "emergency": false,          … (Show more)
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Esri's online science portfolio has been updated! See the latest at
Good day!   I use Geoanalytics Server tools create several services hosted  in spatiotemporal big data store. Then I want to setup dynamic aggregation rendering for one of those services through GeoEvent. But in GeoEvent Manager in Spatiotemporal Big Data Stores tab I couldn’t find any reasonable names for services created previous. To test… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
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