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We're trying to get the new cool Join Tool in Geoanalytics (ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server - YouTube ) to work, but we're running into some errors.   When we try to use a service that's stored in Big Data store we end up getting error with some of the Geoanalytics Tools. This seems to be because of the services being WGS84 geographic coordinate… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
Dear all,   I am polling an external website that is returning json example shown below   {   "terminalLocationList": {     "terminalLocation": [       {         "address": "some value",         "currentLocation": {           "accuracy": -1,           "latitude": 51.24624,           "longitude": -1.10018,           "emergency": false,          … (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
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Good day!   I use Geoanalytics Server tools create several services hosted  in spatiotemporal big data store. Then I want to setup dynamic aggregation rendering for one of those services through GeoEvent. But in GeoEvent Manager in Spatiotemporal Big Data Stores tab I couldn’t find any reasonable names for services created previous. To test… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
Exploring the capabilities of Geoanalytics Server.   I have a layer in the ArcGIS Spatiotemporal Data Store.  This is live data and is being fed continuously via GeoEvent.   Using the Geoanalytics tools in the Portal Map Viewer, I was hoping to do some temporal analysis using this live data source.  However, for the hot spot analysis tool,… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS