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Has anyone had any experience reading the Http header and cookies associated with the HTTP requests made to ArcGIS?  We have a custom security model that embeds a user specific token (non ArcGIS token) in each HTTP request made from our web app.   I'd like to see if there something available in the ArcObjects functionality that would allow us to… (Show more)
Using this Geometric Network Utility SOE Rest project and VS 2015 I am able to build the project and eventually I am getting following dlls at ..\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\SOE\ByPhaseGeometricNetworkUtility\obj\Debug and in ..\Documents\Visual Studio 2015\Projects\SOE\ByPhaseGeometricNetworkUtility\bin\Debug can you please let me… (Show more)
Hi everyone,   I'm currently developing a SOI to restrict access to layers of a service based on the logged in user. My problem is that the first request the Javascript api sends, the one which gets the description of the service like SRID, Layers etc., is cached by the server. So if I change the permissions of a user, he still gets the old… (Show more)
Hi everyone,    I am a newbie to SOE and SOI but have a knowledge about ArcObject C#. I need tutorial and examples to ArcGIS server 10.3.1.   Thanks for the help in advance.
ArcGIS 10.5.1 Issues Addressed List 
    Hey Guys,   We've built a SOI to intercept calls to a Feature Service, specifically the Query operation. What we've noticed just today is that the SOI seems to always send back a default response to a GET request, where as a POST will be intercepted and send back the 'edited' response.   What's interesting is that the server still logs the full… (Show more)
    Using ArcGIS 10.4.1, I am trying to add a watermark to a cached map via Server object interceptor, but the result is not as expected. Server object interceptor should handle each REST response from ArcGIS server. But in my case either none or only a few tiles are handled by SOI. It looks like only randomly chosen tiles are watermarked (always… (Show more)