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Hi, I found out, that there was a bug for services with SOI which prohibits create replica for offline use in Collector. This bug  is addressed in 10.5. So with 10.5 you can use Collector with SOI service. My question is: does create replica operation use the process of SOI? E.g. in SOI you can filter layers or features returned to client. Is… (Show more)
I want to create runtime geodatabase and mpk from Server Object Extension . My problem statement is that user can only view the existing data and cannot modify it, he can add feature in its runtime geodatabase and sync it back but not the data he got it from server(even his own data) , so i was thinking if i can create a mpk (read-only data) and… (Show more)
i like to check the performance of the SOE with .net profiler. i have installed the jetbrain dottrace profilre and Red Gate .Net profiler. i have connect with ArcSOC.exe process but i could not get any information about CPU use and time taken by each function. i am not sure i need PDB file or how could i get the performance profile that how much… (Show more)
Hello everyone,   I'm currently working on a project to develop rest SOE using java. I added one operation with two parameters x, and y. Is it possible to have the input in the form of dropdown list(where the user chooses a value from a predetermined list)?   Thanks,   Isra
Hello, is there any sample about SOI to filter data within a layer based on the user's role? Thank you in advance Fabio
Hi there, I have come across an issue where Collector fails to create a replica for an offline map where the map service / feature service has an SOI enabled. This has been tested with a vanilla empty SOI from the .NET template. The create replica and job calls appear to pass through fine but when the relica is actually created (and it does get… (Show more)