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Currently with ArcGIS's open data website you are able to publish data and download data with local projections. For our site, this feature is "kind of" working. I say this because the data being uploaded to ArcGIS for server is in one local projection (NAD_1983_HARN_StatePlane_Florida_East_FIPS_0901_Feet) and when downloaded from our  ArcGIS open… (Show more)
Hi,   it would be great if you could help me with a problem with Geoportal / the GeoportalSearch widget.   The short question is: How can I modify the URLs behind the "Details" and "Metadata" links in the GeoportalSearch widget that I'm using inside my Web AppBuilder application for the Esri Geoportal Server?   The long explanation is here:  … (Show more)
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Hello, There is a problem I keep experiencing repeatedly when it comes to serve customers in my organization. I find it very confusing to balance the way our geographic data is managed and then published to different needs.   Three common stored data types for layers we use are: - File system based - inside FGDB files. - SQL based - SDE… (Show more)
Hello,   I've spent 2 full working days already on trying to understand what's the problem with the installation of ESRI Maps For SharePoint 2013 Version 4.1. I've found several conclusions with no real success of running it.   A short summary on how it began and where i'm at today - 1- I installed it in our testing environment as a separate… (Show more)
  Find out what’s new with the release of ArcGIS for Maritime Server 10.4.1   Enhancements include: Added S-52 IHO ECDIS Presentation Library support for edition 4.0.1 Added support for AML 1.1.3 Portrayal Specification including a new Viewing Group option New EPSG codes have been added to support: WGS 84 / Alaska Polar Stereographic WGS 84… (Show more)
I tried to create a WCS 2.0.1 in ArcGIS 10.4 (Desktop and Server), but always I get WCS 1.1.2. What kind of changes by the version number  I have while the publishing the Service?
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