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Story Maps for Education

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Today, many options exist for using images in ArcGIS Online, including web mapping applications such as story maps.  Choose a method that works best for your situation and needs. I have summarized some key methods in this document, which are a subset of the many methods that are valid.  I have included the use of images in ArcGIS Online, Flickr,… (Show more)
Story maps ROCK! Ever since their initial appearance, they have driven huge attention. Everyone wants to see a story map about their special topic; some want to make one. Good story maps take time and expertise to construct, just like writing a meaningful letter, generating effective images, and building powerful maps. A good story map is all… (Show more)
I used a recent hike to Hanging Lake Colorado as an excuse to try some new things with the Cascade Story map app – looping video, link to a map-with-points-from-geotagged photos, testing procedures now that Google folded Picasaweb into Google Plus/Google Photos, and some other features.  Not perfect but I learned some things!   Map: … (Show more)
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Announcing the winners of Esri’s first Global Content Challenge ! From August to November we were very pleased to receive nearly ~550 registrations from students in nearly 60 countries, with 70 actual submissions. A distinguished international panel of judges chose the following projects as best exemplifying the spirit of the contest: unleashing… (Show more)
The GIS Day story map is a great way to start your event you are hosting:   - about 15% down on the page. It includes a short video, too. You can discuss what story maps are, for example, and how to create one like this (this is a Map Journal story map). --Joseph Kerski
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