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I used a recent hike to Hanging Lake Colorado as an excuse to try some new things with the Cascade Story map app – looping video, link to a map-with-points-from-geotagged photos, testing procedures now that Google folded Picasaweb into Google Plus/Google Photos, and some other features.  Not perfect but I learned some things!   Map: … (Show more)
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Announcing the winners of Esri’s first Global Content Challenge ! From August to November we were very pleased to receive nearly ~550 registrations from students in nearly 60 countries, with 70 actual submissions. A distinguished international panel of judges chose the following projects as best exemplifying the spirit of the contest: unleashing… (Show more)
The GIS Day story map is a great way to start your event you are hosting:   - about 15% down on the page. It includes a short video, too. You can discuss what story maps are, for example, and how to create one like this (this is a Map Journal story map). --Joseph Kerski
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Story Maps are easy to author, but to craft a truly great one you’ll likely need to put in a little extra effort . Like playing a guitar, it’s easy to learn the F, C, G, and E chords and start strumming away. But if you’re looking to become a true virtuoso, then it will take some thought, study, prep, and even practice. Here are 10 steps for… (Show more)
Now available to all on Youtube. This is a recording of the Story Maps Tech Workshop from the 2016 Esri International User Conference, given by Allen Carroll and Bernie Szukalski   Click the link to view it now:   >> How to Tell Your Story Using Esri's Story Map Apps (YouTube: 1 hour, 12 mins)    
Greetings Everyone:   I normally don’t like to post about competitions to this list but this one is so focused on telling stories through maps that I thought you might wish to tell your students or your favorite educator about it.   #The International Year of Global Understanding Story Maps Competition:  … (Show more)
Here at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle we're retooling our science learning experiences for schools - rather than booking a guided program, we have a suite of shorter experiences available around the zoo. The experiences can support one of three "driving questions" students can explore, gathering observations and evidence, and discuss back in the classroom. I figured a StoryMap Tour might be a good way to present this "choose your own adventure" in a map-based way. So here's my shot at it!

Tuesday & Wednesday experiences

Thursday & Friday experiences

Would love ideas, thoughts, feedback! Some challenges or questions I had along the way (most likely related to my lack of experience building this type of tool!)
- limited customizability of some text (e.g. can't make the titles in the bottom banner bold)
- I need to digitize a PDF of our zoo map for a basemap, I used OpenStreetMap but having our own basemap would be better
- if you make the first slide an "Intro" it shows up once and then it seems you can never get back to it, so I kept it as a slide so people could return to the info as needed
- and a few other small things!

If you have suggestions of other ways to approach this project, would love to hear them!

Katie Remine
Science & Conservation Education Supervisor
Woodland Park Zoo
Global content challenge from #esri Student content challenge:
  Go for it!  #maps #gis
Also a reminder that I have a 10 module story maps online self paced course on
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