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The GIS Day story map is a great way to start your event you are hosting:   - about 15% down on the page. It includes a short video, too. You can discuss what story maps are, for example, and how to create one like this (this is a Map Journal story map). --Joseph Kerski
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Story Maps are easy to author, but to craft a truly great one you’ll likely need to put in a little extra effort . Like playing a guitar, it’s easy to learn the F, C, G, and E chords and start strumming away. But if you’re looking to become a true virtuoso, then it will take some thought, study, prep, and even practice. Here are 10 steps for… (Show more)
Now available to all on Youtube. This is a recording of the Story Maps Tech Workshop from the 2016 Esri International User Conference, given by Allen Carroll and Bernie Szukalski   Click the link to view it now:   >> How to Tell Your Story Using Esri's Story Map Apps (YouTube: 1 hour, 12 mins)    
Greetings Everyone:   I normally don’t like to post about competitions to this list but this one is so focused on telling stories through maps that I thought you might wish to tell your students or your favorite educator about it.   #The International Year of Global Understanding Story Maps Competition:  … (Show more)
Here at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle we're retooling our science learning experiences for schools - rather than booking a guided program, we have a suite of shorter experiences available around the zoo. The experiences can support one of three "driving questions" students can explore, gathering observations and evidence, and discuss back in the classroom. I figured a StoryMap Tour might be a good way to present this "choose your own adventure" in a map-based way. So here's my shot at it!

Tuesday & Wednesday experiences

Thursday & Friday experiences

Would love ideas, thoughts, feedback! Some challenges or questions I had along the way (most likely related to my lack of experience building this type of tool!)
- limited customizability of some text (e.g. can't make the titles in the bottom banner bold)
- I need to digitize a PDF of our zoo map for a basemap, I used OpenStreetMap but having our own basemap would be better
- if you make the first slide an "Intro" it shows up once and then it seems you can never get back to it, so I kept it as a slide so people could return to the info as needed
- and a few other small things!

If you have suggestions of other ways to approach this project, would love to hear them!

Katie Remine
Science & Conservation Education Supervisor
Woodland Park Zoo
Global content challenge from #esri Student content challenge:
  Go for it!  #maps #gis
Also a reminder that I have a 10 module story maps online self paced course on

My new videos - the Lakota Language Story Map: how to add sound to story map captions: 

FYI – here are some soon-to-happen enhancements with story maps:(as in late September!)

Story Map Shortlist (beta) is available with a builder so anyone can create a Shortlist without downloading and hosting code.

Story Map Journal supports printing (!!!), creating links to other sections, and has a new white theme for Floating Panel layout.

Story Map Cascade (beta) has lots of enhancements and fixes requested by beta users. Authors can now upload multiple images at once and format text with color. Cascade stories can also now be auto played.

Story Map Crowdsource (beta) lets contributors more easily specify a location by clicking the map or using a geotagged photo.

Exploring crowdsourced content is now easier and more engaging for your audience.

My Stories now scans all beta story map apps (Cascade, Crowdsource, Shortlist) to help you find and fix issues in any of your story maps.
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