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In ArcGIS Desktop 10.5 (ArcCatalog or ArcMap) I get the following error when attempting to add a feature class to a map from an Oracle 11g ( Enterprise Geodatabase (10.2.1) which I have been granted select permission through a role: Error opening feature class Insufficient permissions [insufficient permissions[OWNER.TABLE_NAME]] And… (Show more)
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I was wondering if anyone has come across any documentation to access the Map Series Pages in ArcGIS Pro via ArcPy.  I thought this would have been part of the mapping module.  Can this be done, or is it something coming in future releases.?   Thanks.
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Anyone have any idea on why once I upgraded to 10.5 I have major issues with ArcMap running fine and then "not responding?"  It does this every couple of minutes. I can complete very simple tasks, such as setup a layout, edit, simple geoprocessing tools on small datasets, and it just stops and doesn't respond for 20-30 seconds, and then all of a… (Show more)
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I am having trouble exporting raster data from a MrSid file I successfully clipped. I right click on the layer containing the raster data then I go Data-->Export Data. I get the Export Raster Data dialog box as expected. I would like to export the Raster Data to a GeoTIFF w spatial data brought along. However I cannot change the format box to… (Show more)
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I am trying to open a MrSid format file from:   Atlas GOHSEP Downloader - Louisiana State University    When I go to open the file it does not show up at all in the box. Please advise.   High-resolution (6-inch) statewide Digital Orthophoto Quarter-Quarter Quadrangle (DOQQQ) imagery provided by the Louisiana Governor's Office of Homeland… (Show more)
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With Esri Technical Support, our goal is to provide you a world-class support experience and ensure your success with the ArcGIS Platform – and one part of that goal includes your online experience. Including the posts and blogs here on GeoNet, Esri creates and maintains a vast network of online support resources, such as our main… (Show more)
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I will be doing a bi-weekly swap of information between two offices. It will be done via thumbdrive. I will take my edited address point file to the other office and upload it to their local database and take their edited polygon layer to replace my layer. I am having problems figuring out which tool would be best to use to overwrite the… (Show more)
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I am trying to figure out how to load mxd file through java so that i can display the custom map but i am having difficulties  don't know my way out please help i tried the example in 2012 developer summit but i did get any clue how to load and display my custom map with road i want to be displayed am using netbeans in development thanks am new in development 
    Hi -   I am geocoding a table of addresses.  There are 11 addresses that have a status of "unmatched" to a composite address locator.  However, the same addresses "match" when run against one of the locators used in the composite locator.  This has happened in both ArcGIS 10.2 and 10.3.  I have moved the data to new geodatabases, recreated all… (Show more)
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