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I am reporting a bug for tool Add Geometry attributes. To calculate bearing (azimuth) for line that goes directly from south to north does not work. The result is <Null> but it should be 0.
I'm creating a survey and need to pull data from an existing url.  Can anyone tell me how to do that?  Is it possible? Thank you, Diana SDPD
in Esri Technical Support
Hi, I have a problem and I want your support to solve it.   I've exported a map that contains pie charts but these pie charts don't appear in the image.   What´s the problem? I've tried exporting in another formats (pdf, eps, ai) but nothing.   If someone can help me I will thank you very much    
in Esri Technical Support
please who can help me i tried all steps in these links but the problem still available
in Esri Technical Support
Kelly Gerrow suggested I contact Esri Technical Support...not sure if this is the right place to do this...BUT!  Can I please be attached so that I can be kept up to date on the issue ENH-000095476?  Thanks!
I work for an organization with a team of inspectors doing field work. We would all like to use the same survey to collect our data, but it appears only the creator of the survey can log in to the survey123 homepage and analyze/export the data collected. This will make things much more complicated for us. Is there a way to give everyone in our… (Show more)
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