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I am trying to configure a web app for all platforms with editing capabilities. I am having issues with mobile, especially. When I try to edit attributes, the edit pop-up does not show up until the attribute pop-up is closed. Is there a way to get the editing pop-up to show up on top of, rather than behind the attribute pop-up?
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Dear all   I am Having 15 users arcgis desktop basic floating use license, I am able to Connect with the Client Machines in 8 system without any problem. but when connceting further it is giving me the attached error . the Client machine is  piniging with the Server.
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Anyone have any idea on why once I upgraded to 10.5 I have major issues with ArcMap running fine and then "not responding?"  It does this every couple of minutes. I can complete very simple tasks, such as setup a layout, edit, simple geoprocessing tools on small datasets, and it just stops and doesn't respond for 20-30 seconds, and then all of a… (Show more)
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The feature classes are separate polygons I'd like to combine into one feature class (multiple polygons of a forest into one one forest district feature class).  The Excel spreadsheets include all data (things like forest number, polygon ID, forest name, hyperlinks to PDFs for the polygons, etc) associated with the individual polygons for the… (Show more)
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With a Cintiq21ux pen input monitor the long click (used for a right click) is no longer working in ArcGIS 10.4.1. This worked in previous versions and is hampering production for some. Is there a way to fix this? Is there a setting that will allow this? Is this related to VB no longer being supported? Is there a work around?   This process still… (Show more)
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Hi! In our client machine, we have upgraded ArcGIS Server to 10.5 (previously, it was 10.2.2). We also have a list of FME converters (created by ArcGIS Data Interoperability tool), FME converters are then saved as tools with ArcGIS Model Builder and a python script runs those converters every week. After the upgrade to 10.5, python script stopped… (Show more)
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I logged into the Survey123 website yesterday for the first time since November. There was an update sometime in December to a newer version. When I logged in my surveys were not there. They are still on my phone, I can publish and download new surveys on my phone, but none of the new or old surveys are available online. They also appear in My… (Show more)
So, this is a solution to a problem I encountered, and spent several hours with ESRI trying to troubleshoot, only for it to be a simple setting causing the issue.  When using the webadaptor, the Portal site only showed four icons, and would not display the Portal home.  If I went directly to the Portal link, it showed the full site.  This wound up… (Show more)
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