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I have gps locations (point) with a date and time field for bird location. I would like to be able to "connect the dots", the end result being a map that shows where the bird flew chronologically. For example, day 1 bird 'A' flew 'X' and day 2 it flew 'X' and day 3 it flew 'X'. How do I do this?   Thanks,   Susan
in Temporal GIS
Hello,   I was wondering if it is possible on any of esri's platform to symbolize a single feature based over time by animation. I have a group of buildings I want to symbolize based on the number of class lectures that took place in each at every hour from 7am to 7pm. The ideal would be an animated map that shows different colors for each… (Show more)
in Temporal GIS
I have used the time slider successfully with data on a daily scale, but some of my data are based on a shorter time scale, like hours. The data are animal locations taken every hour for 2 days, and I would like to use these data with the time slider. However, point shapefiles do not handle hourly data, only date data. I realize that I can import… (Show more)
in Temporal GIS
I am working on a thesis where I have data from 2000-2015 that shows lyme disease cases by county for each year. This data has been joined with a county shapefile and I used graded colors based on number of cases/county. I want to use a Time Slider to show the progression each year, and I had to put all the years in one dbf and "transpose" them to… (Show more)
in Temporal GIS
Hi,   I am looking for a way to create an Historical Marker programmatically with arcpy.   The archiving is enabled on a dataset in Oracle SDE.   I think, it's related with arcpy Version Toolset, but I can't find the documentation about this.   Thank you,   Maxime