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I have used the time slider successfully with data on a daily scale, but some of my data are based on a shorter time scale, like hours. The data are animal locations taken every hour for 2 days, and I would like to use these data with the time slider. However, point shapefiles do not handle hourly data, only date data. I realize that I can import… (Show more)
in Temporal GIS
I am working on a thesis where I have data from 2000-2015 that shows lyme disease cases by county for each year. This data has been joined with a county shapefile and I used graded colors based on number of cases/county. I want to use a Time Slider to show the progression each year, and I had to put all the years in one dbf and "transpose" them to… (Show more)
in Temporal GIS
Hi,   I am looking for a way to create an Historical Marker programmatically with arcpy.   The archiving is enabled on a dataset in Oracle SDE.   I think, it's related with arcpy Version Toolset, but I can't find the documentation about this.   Thank you,   Maxime