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Utility Survey 123 Configurations

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Hello,   I need help, wondering if you can help.   On Survey 123, I need to be able to zoom in as much as Collector. How can I do this? thanks   Kind regards,   Mariana         Mariana Basilio - Environmental Consultant & GIS Analyst (BSc, COP EnvEng) 021 2811 763 | +64 9 6233 514… (Show more)
Hi,   I am trying to implement Survey123 App and the biggest showstopper is the Custom Basemap implementation technique.   In my organization we cannot share the Basemap or host it online, so I created a TilePackage.   Since the Survey123 App is desired by us to be used inside the building , we would like to zoom to the exact area of the room… (Show more)
A great article published in Field Technologies Online which discusses how the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), the third-largest municipal utility in California, saved $40,000 on their mobile inspections using Survey123 for ArcGIS.   Mobilizing Inspections Saves $40000  (registration is required to view the entire article, but… (Show more)
I have designed a survey to capture details of buildings in a town centre for a planning exercise.  The details requested are, if the building has a single use (commercial OR Residential) or multi- use.     I have use the 'relevant' field in the .xls form to hide questions based on the answer for use - single or multi.  I am happy if the… (Show more)
In Survey 123, is there a way to add entry to future surveys? Let's say I have a list of choices (Surveyor's Names), I added a choice called 'Other Not Listed', when this one is selected, a new line appears so the user can enter his name. Can that name be automatically added to the choice list next time the user fills the survey?