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Utility Survey 123 Configurations

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A great article published in Field Technologies Online which discusses how the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), the third-largest municipal utility in California, saved $40,000 on their mobile inspections using Survey123 for ArcGIS.   Mobilizing Inspections Saves $40000  (registration is required to view the entire article, but… (Show more)
I have designed a survey to capture details of buildings in a town centre for a planning exercise.  The details requested are, if the building has a single use (commercial OR Residential) or multi- use.     I have use the 'relevant' field in the .xls form to hide questions based on the answer for use - single or multi.  I am happy if the… (Show more)
In Survey 123, is there a way to add entry to future surveys? Let's say I have a list of choices (Surveyor's Names), I added a choice called 'Other Not Listed', when this one is selected, a new line appears so the user can enter his name. Can that name be automatically added to the choice list next time the user fills the survey?
I very much like the pulldata capability, but I cannot see any way of working with this from the web based solution. Is it possible to set it up using  or do I have to set it up using Survey123 Connect?
Hello i am preparing an survey for collecting data from field. I have two places to visit municipality or households. If i am visiting municipality i need set of questions (about 15) to be asked and if not another set of questions (about 30, 12 are for both). Is that possible? Instead of doing this process for every question ??
Is it possible to set defaults or options according to the answer of the question before ? As an example if the answer of the question is lebanon i need the options in the next question obtained only the districts of lebanon and if the answer is Jordon i need to options to be obtained is the districts of  jordan.  ???????
Once I have created a survey and initial data has been collected within the survey and submitted. How or can you access those data points when your in the field and add existing information?   For example a survey was created to mark holes at a park. GPS point, Length and Width of the hole, a picture etc is collected for that existing hole.   … (Show more)