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Here is another widget for the Web App Builder.   Live Preview Site      Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - Elevation Profile Widget   List of the latest enhancements and changes: Updated for WAB 2.1   Older enhancements or changes: Added fix for Launchpad Theme UI issues   Features:   This is a port over of the Elevation Profile…
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Hi All   I'm currently developing a headless custom JS widget for WAB that makes use of a few third party APIs. These require API keys. I was wondering how I should hide these keys so others can't use them. I did a quick google search but would like to hear what GIS developers might suggest   Cheers
Hey everybody,   I am trying to get my feet wet with creating custom widgets for the WebApp builder, so please be kind   A while back I had created a location widget for the Javascript API and figured it might be good to do a WebApp builder version.   It is still in development, but I figured it might be a good idea to share it and see what…
I'm attempting to enable popups on layers in an ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer programmatically.  Ultimately I'd like to move this code into the LocalLayer widget.  I've gotten something working for feature layers, but I'm struggling a bit on layers within MapServices.  I'm digging into LayerInfoForDefaultService.js now and am trying to figure out… (Show more)
Live Preview Site Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - Enhanced Search widget   List of the latest enhancements and changes:   Clear Fields now clears dates and predefined user lists. Predefined list now automatically add a blank entry if the field is not required. The contains search is now robust. If you are search for "jones j" it will…
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robert scheitlin Robert, Can you please share the eSearch widget (older  web builder 1.3 version) which has the export URL option working?   Thanks, Sonia
Hello. Im trying to developing a custom widget for my WAB APP and im following the steps in this website Naming conventions—Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) | ArcGIS for Developers    1.- I understood that each widget has some files that has to be in there , like: html file css file js.file    and in the app.config when i want… (Show more)
All,   Here is a list on my currently available Web AppBuilder widgets for Web AppBuilder 1.x.   Anvil Page   Anvil Map Tips Page   Anvil Bookmarks Page   Print Plus Widget Page   Swipe Plus Widget Page   Zoom Prev Next Page   Here is a list of my mixin classes for the Web AppBuilder 1.x widgets.   _WidgetOpacityMixin Page  … (Show more)
I am trying to configure the PrintPlus widget (wab v1.3) to work with my custom print service (ags v10.3.1).  I believe that I have configured the settings correctly, but the extents inside the preview area are different than on the resulting output.  Different enough that it can't be the "layoutParams".   My basemap/app wkid is 102100, same as… (Show more)
All after much back and forth with different people and what now seems to be legitimate email traffic with the Google Maps API Team. It is now apparent that this widget does NOT conform to the Google Maps API Terms of Service. Due to this fact, this widget download will be removed and the live preview site will be un-accessible.  It is…
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