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Hi Everybody!   Here in Western Oregon we have a weird and specific tool requirement called the "Template test." Its is mandated by statute (ORS 215.750) and has been causing me significant grief trying to build it.   The workflow as follows is simple: 1. The user selects a taxlot or group of taxlots. 2. The centroid of the selected Shape(s)… (Show more)
This is just a simple widget to open a URL. The url can be any valid URL Address. The difference between this and just adding a link in WAB, is that this is a button and not a text link. Some have asked for this ability, so here it is.   Live Preview Site
Here is another widget for the Web App Builder.   Live Preview Site    Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - Elevation Profile Widget   List of the latest enhancements and changes: Moved all widget links to a widget menu instead. Added the ability to export Profile data to CSV file. Added the ability to flip the profiles direction of travel.  …
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I am getting an error with the Print plus widget where if there is a popup or point added after a search the print widget will time out and not print.  Anyone else getting this error?  Soon as I clear the search I am able to print again.  The standard print widget does not give an error    I am not sure where to start to fix this issue. 
I would like to alter the TS so that when the web app starts, the widget is already 1) playing and 2) moving at 2x speed. the default is not playing and when you do click the play button it runs at 1x speed.   I'm not a developer, but I know enough to poke around in the widget files and Googled, but I have not found anything that indicates what I… (Show more)
All,      Here is a list on my currently available Web AppBuilder widget for Web AppBuilder 2.x   Enhanced Search Widget Version 2.4 - 3/28/17 Download Link  Live Preview Site   Enhanced Basemap Gallery Widget 2.3 - 02/14/2017 Download Link  Live Preview Site   Share Widget Version 2.0.1 - 04/20/16 Download Link Live Preview Site  … (Show more)
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Hello,  I have a feature action that load data from feature in map to widget. I need this feature action available only from feature's pop up. But the isFeatureSupported function is called also when I want to use the Search widget where the feature layer is configured for searching and even when I open the Attribute table.  The feature action… (Show more)
Trying to put together a workflow using WAB that has draw widget functionality but also allows the user to select/move their drawing after it has been created. The standard Draw Widget doesn't seem to allow this select and move functionality and the eDraw Widget is probably a little advanced for our targeted audience.
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