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All,   Please review this blog to see all the latest updates to Web AppBuilder embedded in ArcGIS Online,   What’s New in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (June 2017) | ArcGIS Blog    Enjoy,
Hi, I am setting up development environment for teh ArcGIS WebApp Builder, Where I can develop the themes/widgets and upload to local ArcGISserver/Online ArcGIS account.    Steps: 1.Download/Installed Nodejs 2.Download WebAppBuilder and run the StartUp.bat file 3.It executed the nodejs code and open the browser and requests for the  Web… (Show more)
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I'm trying to make the map as simple as possible, including leaving out the title. Is there any way to do this with a custom theme or does it require some coding?   Thanks
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I maintain a general GIS data viewer AGOL application that includes 100+ layers of data.  We've done our best to categorize the data but users must still drill down to find the layer in order to turn ON for display in the Layer List widget.  I'm curious to know if anybody has attempted to implement a Search by Layer name tool that would allow… (Show more)
I'm working in WABD 2.3 and I want to modify the tab theme slightly. I want to add one extra widget holder in the top right corner relative to the map. (See attached screen shot.) I was hoping to make a copy of the default tab theme and make that modification. Can anyone point me to the right spot in the theme code to make that change?   Thanks… (Show more)
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The Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS space and Web AppBuilder Custom Widgets group are some of the most active places in GeoNet, so for this week's GeoNet Community discussion, we'd like to explore how you are using this developer technology.    Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS provides a simple solution for building web applications in ArcGIS. You can build… (Show more)
FYI,   Attached is a document that lists all the bug fixes and enhancements (submitted via Esri Technical Support) that were addressed in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Developer Edition v2.4. Please be aware that the list may include items that were found in the embedded version of Web AppBuilder in ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS. Hope this… (Show more)
HI, I have a unpleasant problem with the jewerly theme used with a smartphone. When open the Ldockable pannel with layerlist is correctly opne (and I can make change in code for minimize when open it.s ok). But when I turn landscape my smartphone, always the pannel is maximized (not so convenient, but I can minimize the panel). And when I… (Show more)
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An awesome blog on configuring CA signed Certificates with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Developer Edition, a good security best practice to follow.   Enable Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Developer Edition to work with CA signed Certificates | ArcGIS Blog    Hope this helps,   #Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS #Web AppBuilder Developer Edition #security… (Show more)
It was great to meet with TAPAS DAS, Rebecca Strauch, GISP, and Robert Scheitlin, GISP today for lunch at the Esri 2017 Dev Summit in Palm Springs, CA! Good discussion and feedback on Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS! Too bad Larry Stout was unable to attend this year. I appreciate all of your efforts and contribution to the Web AppBuilder user… (Show more)
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