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Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, 26 April 1986 - A routine 20-second shut down of the system seemed to be another test of the electrical equipment. But seven seconds later, a surge created a chemical explosion that released nearly 520 dangerous radionuclides into the atmosphere. According to official reports, thirty-one people died immediately and

It's too slow.   The system requirements are too high. The program installed for me (just!) but using it is a jumpy, laggy experience. For geospatial analysis and editing, you need something quick and snappy. Pro (1.4.1) just isn't that.   I'm not in a position in my office to request having more RAM, a new CPU, graphics card etc. so
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Hi, I am new to ArcGIS.  I am a bit stuck.  I am adding a 2 layers in ArcMap : ArcGIS coordinate system  * Type Geographic * Geographic coordinate reference GCS_WGS_1984 and * Type Projected * Geographic coordinate reference GCS_MGI * Projection MGI_Austria_GK_M31   I
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I am very new to Python programming and have been tasked with writing a program to export a csv file from a file geodatabase feature class. The csv should contain only certain columns with results. Maybe someone has any suggestions ? Or maybe someone has already done it ?    Thanks for any help !