FileGeodatabase - Documentation and tools?

Discussion created by richard_coleman on Aug 16, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2015 by gm.moorthi
Does anyone know where or when ESRI is going to release the format specs for the FileGeodatabase format (they had previously mentioned ArcGIS 10)?

Is there any way to manipulate the FileGeodatabase structure outside of ArcMap/ArcCatalog?

With all of the other geodatabase formats (various flavors of SDE and personal) you can rename or reorder fields in a geodatabase.  Using ArcCatalog you can not do either in a FileGeodatabase.

Is there a way to access the data in a FileGeodatabase from outside of ArcGIS?

With all of the other geodatabase formats you can at least establish an ODBC connection to the data.  I have yet to see anything other than ESRI products read the data contained in a FileGeodatabase.

The FileGeodatabase format looks useful, but I don't want my vector data hidden and inaccessible in this format.

Anyone have any ideas?