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    Build 1750 does not displaying layer package files created using arcpy

      Attached are two layer packages of identical geometery, bound_1.lpk and bound_2.lpk. Both can be opened in Explorer 1700, but only bound_1.lpk will open in Explorer 1750.

      Both layer packages were produced from the same layer file. The difference is that
          bound_1.lpk was created through the ArcMAP 10.0 interface using the 'create layer package' context menu item
          bound_2.lpk was created with arcpy.PackageLayer_management() using the default settings for all optional parameters.

      The same problem occurs if I create layer packages from other layer files. I have replicated the problem on two separate PCs.

      Has anyone else found the same problem? Any ideas on what is going wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      My application uses layer packages to avoid Explorer placing file locks on layer files, and the layer packages are created using the arcpy library.

      Thank you,
        • Re: Build 1750 does not displaying layer package files created using arcpy
          I have experienced the same issue when creating layer packages via ArcObjectshaven't found a solution yet. ArcGIS Explorer seems to ahve some bugs with layer files and layer packages, especially ones that refernce ArcSDE data. I am also attempting to use layer packages to avoid file locks on dynamic layers...

          One thought I have had is to create the layer packages and then extract them out and use the extracted layer file for map display...that seems to work.