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    Subtypes are not support with Featurelayers?

      Original User: esrijay

      I have a msd that I'm serving.  It has two layers in it (Signs and Sign Supports).  When I symbolize these layers on any field (other than the subtype field) all is good.  I'm publishing them with Feature access capabilities so I can consume them in a web browser and edit. 

      If I try to symbolize on the subtype field.  THE FEATURE LAYER DOESN"T GET CREATED (see attachment).  It creates the other feature layer that I didn't symbol on subtype.  In this case I'm the SIGNS feature class symbolizing on its subtypes, which dictates which type of sign category (domain) will be available.  (ex. if subtype 0 is picked that is regulator subtype so the sign type domains are for the regulator signs (R1, R2, R3, etc). 

      It does create the layer as a mapserver layer and displays it Legend rest api correctly (see attach).

      Does FeatureServer support domains??

      See my screenshots for self verification.