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Timetable-based routing

Question asked by geonetadmin on Jun 10, 2012
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How can I solve timetable-based routing problems in the Network Analyst?
For example, there is is a city with public transportation system based only on buses. The buses have exact arrival and departure times e.g. Line Nr. 38 leaves the station at 5:10 AM every morning and reaches the next bus stop at 5:12 and the next one at 5:20 and so on... The next bus starts at 5:45 AM and follows the route of the previous one. How can I model the travel time in this case? Especially when multiple transfers are needed to reach the destination and the passengers need to wait for the other lines's next bus? Of course the transfer is allowed only in bus stops (not in every junctions as the Network Analysts wants). And how can I calculate the travel time if the walking is allowed between to bus stops? (This problem is already implemented by GRASS' and Google's GTFS but they are extreme hard to use. So I want a user friendly ArcGIS solution. :))


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