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Problem rendering feature extrusion in ArcScene 10.1--one machine works, one does not

Question asked by sandalwood on Oct 1, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2012 by JSwain-esristaff
I am using ArcScene 10.1 to extrude a feature and am getting no results from a powerful PC while a less robust notebook is managing to extrude the feature correctly. The same version of Arc is being used on the same shapefile.

Here is what happens with machine 1 (extrusion does not work)
(choose 1080p to see better)

Here is what happens with machine 2 (extrusion works)

Attached are images presenting the characteristics of machine 1 (extrusion does not work) and machine 2 (extrusion works). As you can see, machine 1 is quite a bit superior to machine 2, but does not seem to be rendering the extrusion. The graphics card driver is extremely current.

Does anyone else have this problem? Are there known issues with Nvidia cards? Any other settings I should try to adjust (I believe most of the settings are exactly the same and are the default settings in ArcScene)?

Thanks in advance