Simply? getting Z values into attribute table

Discussion created by TRRP on Sep 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by kostas_ptr88
This should be really simple and I'm surprized that an hour of looking through the forums and other support hasn't turned up an answer for me yet.  Am I just being blind?

I have a shapefile of 3D points, and I want to fill a field in the attribute table with the Z values.  Calculate Geometry does not offer Z coordinate options.  So I've tried using the Field Calculator with

[INDENT]Dim Output As Double
Dim pPoint As IPoint
Dim pZAware as IZAware
Set pPoint = [Shape]
Set pZAware = pPoint
pZAware.ZAware = true
Output = pPoint.Z

(and variants thereof)

But all I get for output is the value '1'