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    Python script help for row.SetValue() function

      I am creating a python script and have a question about the row.SetValue() function. I have read in a table and a feature class along with a string value that represents one of the fields in the feature class. I join the table to the feature class and perform some calculations. Based on the result from those calculations, I then need to set the value of the of the field denoted by the string value. I am not sure what the proper code (if this is even possible) to do this. Here is what I have tried.

      First, I tried to set the 'SchoolLevel' field to a value:
      [INDENT]row.SetValue(SchoolLevel, M[0][1])[/INDENT]
      I am pretty sure that this doesn't work because there is a join.

      So, then I tried to add in the name of the feature class to the code as such:
      [INDENT]row.SetValue(Scenario_Template_1011.SchoolLevel, M[0][1])[/INDENT]

      This didn't work, so then I tried to put the feature class name in quotes:
      [INDENT]row.SetValue("Scenario_Template_1011."SchoolLevel, M[0][1][/INDENT]
      This throws me an invalid syntax error before I can even run the script. This makes sens, but I am not sure how to correctly code this up.

      Basically, Scenario_Template_1011 is the name of the feature class that is joined by another table and SchoolLevel is a variable representing a field in Scenario_Template_1011. I am trying to set the value of that field using a cell in a matrix that I created.

      Thanks in advance for any help!
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          Don't know much about Python or how joins work, but can you adjust the UpdateCursor to include fewer fields (4th item in argument)?

          Otherwise, next thing I would try would be a combination of the SearchCursor and UpdateCursor, though I don't know how these run concurrently.
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            What are M[0][1]?  are these values from a python list? if so try,

            row.SetValue(SchoolLevel, M[0] + M[1])
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              Thanks for the responses. I think I know what my issue is but I have run into other problems and have to fix those before I know for sure. Ah, the joys of coding :).

              Snoop, M is an nxm matrix. In the example I am accessing the value of the cell in the first column, second row.
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                I have been unable to figure out why this is not working. Here is the code in the hopes that someone will be able to see where I am going wrong.

                rows = gp.UpdateCursor(inTable)
                row = rows.next()
                    while row:
                        for i in range(0,numSchools):
                            school[i] = row.GetValue(Elem[i])
                            M[i][1] = school[i]
                        M.sort(lambda x, y: cmp(x[1], y[1]))
                        if M[0][1] > 0:
                            school = M[0][0]
                            row.SetValue("[ScenarioTemplate_1011." + String + "]", school)
                        gp.AddMessage("You made it through the if statement")
                        row = rows.next()
                    gp.AddError("Failed to set the value of new scenario field to new school assignment")

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                  hello there ,
                  i guess i have similar problem would appreciate if you have any idea. i want to copy the records of a single row and dublicate it in the same attribute table uisng python script that is first getvalue and then setvalue. i tired first to insert a new row then , put the value of the row to be copied in a list[] and then try to set the values of the new row from the list , but it did not work. any idea ...
                  rows = gp.UpdateCursor(fc)
                  cur = gp.searchcursor(fc)
                  row = cur.next()
                  i = 0
                  while row:
                      if row.Urban ==22:   # this is just to check if it is the right row
                          fields = gp.Listfields(fc)
                          field = fields.next()
                          i = i
                          while field:
                              value = Store[i]                          # store is the collection of records from the row to be copied
                              row.setvalue("(field.name)", value)
                              field = fields.next()
                          del field
                      row = cur.next()
                  del row
                  del rows 
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                    to biniamts;
                    You cannot add a row with an Update Cursor. Only InsertCursor has a new row method.
                    try running your search cursor first, and building either a nested list (if the existing records are in the order you would like to write them) OR building a dictionary (if you want to reference the records by a unique key value). Run an InsertCursor from whichever you built to add the new duplicated records.
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                      Also be sure to check your casing:

                      the methods for Getting and Setting Values are:

                      setValue(field_name, object)

                      --Took this straight for ArcGIS help

                      Some of the posts in this thread had the wrong casing (e.g. 'SetValue')

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                        Yes, that is a real concern with Arc10. Arc9 was indifferent to capitalization on geoprocessor comands, but Arcpy is a stickler.