GDB_ObjectClasses ModelName blank in ArcGIS 10.0 geodatabase GDB tables after upgrade

Discussion created by lftgly on Oct 4, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2010 by lftgly
Using ArcCatalog 10.0, I've created a new ArcGIS 10.0 Desktop ("Personal") SDE database, File Geodatabase, and Personal (MS-Access .mdb) Geodatabase, then copied data from ArcSDE 9.3.1 SP2 database and pasted into all 3 types of 10.0 geodatabase, with the same results:

The former GDB_ObjectClasses ModelName is blank, when my code tries to retrieve the IModelInfo.Modelname values from any of 3 ArcGIS 10.0 geodatabase types.

The new GDB tables are normalized beyond any human-readable recognition - I cannot find anything like that attribute in the new GDB_Items table, where I assume it would be along with the Name and AliasName from GDB_ObjectClasses

Is lack of ModelName support a 'known issue' in the new geodatabase GDB table schemas?

Or an issue with the ability of ArcCatalog 10.0 to copy and paste that ModelInfo attribute value from older geodatabases into ArcGIS 10.0 databases?