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    Snapping tool stopped working

      I made the switch to ArcGIS 10 a couple of weeks ago and everything has been running *fairly smoothly, with a few crashes here and there. This week, however, the new snapping tool has decided to stop working altogether-- no snapping, no snap tips, nothing. If I put it back into "classic snapping" mode, it works just fine. I do a lot of basic editing (creating polygons based on existing polylines, editing vertices, etc.) and snapping is a handy and much-used feature. I have so far enjoyed using the new snapping environment and am somewhat disappointed to have to revert to the classic mode. I've gone into all of the editing and snapping options, turned snapping on and off, system restarts-- nothing has worked. I'm running Windows 7 on a laptop with a sufficient processor and memory. Is anyone else having this issue?
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          I turned off snapping within the toolbar to do some editing that didn't need snapping. Now that I would like snapping for further editing, it won't activate. I also have tried the regular turning it back off, then on; turned on classic, then tried switching to snapping toolbar; restarted ArcMap; restarted my computer...still won't let me snap using the new snapping system.
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            If you open a new project and copy in your data does snapping return?  Using 9x every so often the snapping would just stop working in a project, but if I moved the data into a new one it returned.
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              I have had this issue several times and don't know if it randomly fixes itself, but when using the new snapping environment I have managed to go from not working to working by messing around with the button on the toolbar for the snapping types.

              The Active/Inactive "button" icons used in V10 can be subtle. When using align graphics I could never tell if "Align to Margins" was activated when I started using V10. Either I was blind or they added a black box around the "active" button in one of the patches as now it seems immediately apparent.

              Another thing to try would be to go into your registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>ESRI>Desktop10.0>Snapping and try setting the Enabled to 'ffffffff', making sure SnapType is not set to '0' ('4' is vertex snapping), and the Tolerance is something reasonable. These settings update with the settings in the working toolbar, so I would hope that the reverse is true. The 'ffffffff' setting appears to be a hexdecimal way of saying 4Gig and I think it is meant to default your system to it's maximum (ram?/disk cache?). However I have no idea what snapping has to do with this. Possibly some conflict between available resources and this way of asking for "whatever the max is" as opposed to defining a max might have something to do with these issues in the first place.
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                Thank you I was having this issue and messing with the buttons in the Snapping toolbar solved my problem.
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                  I just dealt with this issue in 10.2 - at first I did a test where I had the no snapping issue, made a  test polygon shapefile still no snapping, copied this to a new .mxd and now snapping worked, so if that is an option for you the copy/paste trick works. 

                  Recently I had a situation where copying layers was not an option as I had lots and lots of layers in an older .mxd, but really needed the snapping functionality to work without recreating a new .mxd.  I pressed all of the buttons on the toolbar itself to no avail, what did work was switching the checkbox on and off for the "Use classic snapping" option in the editor toolbar>options...>general tab.  Got my snapping back, hopefully this is as simple of a fix in other/future .mxds.