3D Analyst toolbox does not appear in ArcToolbox when extension enabled (9.3.1)

Discussion created by eggdig on Oct 23, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2011 by Thoober
Neither 3D Analyst nor Spatial Analyst toolboxes show up in ArcToolbox even though the extensions are enabled.  I can add the respective tool-BARS & they function but of course they do not contain all of the tools available in the toolBOXES.

The only way I can get the toolboxes to appear is to start ArcMap or ArcScene with an existing document that has already had a 3D Analyst or Spatial Analyst tool run on one or more of their layers.  When I start the programs with a new blank document the extension toolboxes don't show up no matter what layers I add even though the extentions are definitely enabled.

I am running a 9.3.1 ArcEditor license and noticed this problem as soon as I installed it a few months ago.  Unfortunately it's an educational license which does not come with support; I contacted ESRI support anyway & they only help they (reluctantly) offered was "just use the toolbar".  #!@#$@$!##!!!!