Unable to start ArcGIS Server 10 Service

Discussion created by geodata_geomatik on Oct 28, 2010
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Good morning,

I???m trying to create services on ArcGIS Server 10 starting  with a geodata service. ArcgisSOC and ArcgisSOM have all rights to the folder in which I placed the GDB. When ArcGIS Server is trying to start the service I get this error:

Unable to Start service. Error (Configuration Geodaten-Service_file_GDB.GeoDataServer can not be started. Server Object instance creation failed on machine wks-1060. Unable to init from \\WKS-1060\Datenaustausch_WKS-1060\Leudelange_NetDesign.gdb. ).

I searched for entrys in the forums but I found no final solution.

Maybe you have an idea.

Virtual machine: Windows Server 2003 SP2, ArcGIS Server 10

Best Regards.