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    Unable to start ArcGIS Server 10 Service

      Good morning,

      I???m trying to create services on ArcGIS Server 10 starting  with a geodata service. ArcgisSOC and ArcgisSOM have all rights to the folder in which I placed the GDB. When ArcGIS Server is trying to start the service I get this error:

      Unable to Start service. Error (Configuration Geodaten-Service_file_GDB.GeoDataServer can not be started. Server Object instance creation failed on machine wks-1060. Unable to init from \\WKS-1060\Datenaustausch_WKS-1060\Leudelange_NetDesign.gdb. ).

      I searched for entrys in the forums but I found no final solution.

      Maybe you have an idea.

      Virtual machine: Windows Server 2003 SP2, ArcGIS Server 10

      Best Regards.
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          Hey Mike,

          I can think of two reasons for this issue:

          1) Are the permissions for the ArcGISSOC and ArcGISSOM set correctly on the directory you are trying to publish? (Right-click >> Properties >> Security)


          2) In ArcCatalog you are not using the UNC to map to the particular drive where your data is stored. When I see \\ I think that you have mapped to some sort of network attached storage device.The error basically describes that the SOC does not have access to that particular directory. To fix this problem you'll have to map the UNC address to ArcCatalog. You MUST use UNC path if data stored on NAS (not a mapped disk drive).

          As per Wikipedia, "[A UNCaddress is a] general form of a filename or of a directory name, specifies a unique location in a file system. A path points to a file system location by following the directory tree hierarchy expressed in a string of characters in which path components, separated by a delimiting character, represent each directory. The delimiting character is most commonly the slash ("/"), the backslash character ("\"), or colon (":"), though some operating systems may use a different delimiter. Paths are used extensively in computer science to represent the directory/file relationships common in modern operating systems, and are essential in the construction of Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)".

          In order to resolve this issue do the following:

          1) Start >> Run
          2) Type cmd >> Press Enter
          3) Type net use
          4) At this stage you should see all the connections to your server (NAS's etc.)
          5) Grab the ip directory that your data is stored on ie. \\\Root
          6) In ArcCatalog, map to this directory and publish the service

          The service should then be able to start.