No arctoolbox tools work - Parallels 6 on Apple hardware

Discussion created by mdfreid on Nov 8, 2010
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Hello, I am a GIS student attempting to use ArcGIS and while doing labs, found myself completely unable to use any tools in ArcToolbox. When I try, no matter the tool, the software only opens the help file for that tool, but does not run it.

A screenshot of what I was originally getting can be seen at:

I'm using Windows 7 64-bit. Basically, instead of actually running the tool, it opens the html help file. (example:

I was wandering around on the ESRI support site last night, and there were a lot of references to Internet Explorer and Arctoolbox. So I figured it must share some code or something. I use google Chrome as a default browser, so I tried something. I set my default browser to IE, and tried it again.

This time I clicked OK on the window that says "navigation to web page was cancelled" and it gave me the errors:

Map Document: Value is required
Data Frame: Value is required
Output File: Value is required
Map Output Scale: Value is required

So apparently Arctoolbox uses a web browser interface of some sort to run all of its tools. But for some reason I'm not actually getting the form itself (instead I'm getting a page that says "Navigation to the webpage was canceled"... see screenshot:

This brings me a bit closer to why the problem is happening, but not how to fix it. I've even reinstalled Java (long shot?). It works fine on my wife's computer (who is taking the class with me) She is running the same operating system.

Things I've tried so far:

1. Deleting the Arctoolbox folder from my windows Appdata\roaming folder
2. Making sure I have the right authorization from Esri
3. Doing the process on another computer to verify it's not my files (It's not)
4. Restarting the software, and my computer.
5. Repair of the software from Add/Remove programs
6. Complete uninstall/reinstall of ArcDesktop
7. The stuff above. :)

Still no resolution.

Any ideas would be most welcome.
Thank you,

Mark F.