Programmatically Turning Layers Off/On

Discussion created by emerson917 on Nov 9, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2011 by rscheitlin
We're currently trying to recreate functionality we have in our ArcIMS based mapping application within the ArcGIS Server Flex Viewer. One of the options we currently allow our visitors is to toggle on and off map themes, or predefined groupings of similar layers (i.e. a Recreation theme that will turn on the parks layer, boat ramp layer and trails layer). In ArcIMS we accomplished this through code on the back-end: theme names were passed as a query string in the URL, layers to be turned on and off for each theme were stored in tables within our RDBMS.

We're just getting our feet wet with the Flex Viewer and really are not sure where to begin to replicate this feature. We sorted through the standard widgets, but didn't come across anything that sounded like it would work. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas that can get us going with this?

Thanks in advance,
Rich Hammond

GIS Team Leader
Florida Center for Community Design and Research
University of South Florida