Cannot view my app outside the local intranet

Discussion created by coatesj on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2010 by rscheitlin
Can anyone explain why it is that I cannot view my application outside of the local intranet? I have some flex apps that are setup on a local public server with several apps on it. All of the .NET apps can be viewed outside the intranet and the data all appears fine. When I try going to one of the Flex apps from outside the intranet, I am able to see the UI and all of the widgets open fine, however, none of the map and data are displayed?! Does anyone know why this is?

Also, if anyone can look at my other post "Problem deploying Flexviewer app" I could really use some input on this as well. I can not figure out why my app appears sometimes and other is just a white screen and I have to hit refresh a lot of times and then it will randomly sometimes work?!

Thanks for any input anyone can give, I would really appreciate it!

Josh C.