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    ArcGIS Server License for deployment


      We are using the following environment for production deployment using ArcGIS Server 10
      1) Two SOM server with 8 core each and no self SOC configured in it
      2) Two SOC machine with 8 core each
      3) Two Database server with 8 core each having ArcSDE in it

      I have ArcGIS Server 10 Enterprise Standard Edition 4 Licenses

      As per my understanding, We need license for SOC machines only i.e. 4 Licenses; and no License required for SOM machine. Similarly no license is required for ArcSDE on database servers.

      Please if, someone can suggest whether my understanding is correct or do we need more licenses and at what level ?

      Any help is highly appreciated !!

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          Hi Vinay,

          Yes, you are correct. As the ArcGIS Server enterprise license supports an entry level 4-cores, your each ArcGISSOC machines need 2 licenses. Hence for two SOC machines with 8 cores each a total of 4 ArcGIS Server licenses are required.

          ArcGIS Server SOM machine do not need authorization, while running the Post Installation on the SOM machine you will see the Authorization is disabled.

          On the two SDE box with 8-cores each you need total of 4 licenses to authorize the software. But as ArcGIS Server Standard Enterprise license includes ArcSDE. You can use the same ArcGIS Server Standard Enterprise licenses to authorize ArcSDE on your Data Server. If you can open the ECP file in a notepad or wordpad you will see ArcSDEServer entry which indicate ArcSDE is also inculded with it.

          Hope the above information helps you resolve the issue.

          Please let me know if you have any more questions.

          Server Usage Team
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            I am wondering a similar issue (ArcGIS Server 10).
            I want to know wether the information grsamit wrote is absolutely correct.
            (grsamit please do not misunderstand me I really want to believe you but the problem is that your post is not an official information. So please apologize me.)

            It would be nice to find any official information from ESRI about this.
            The best article I found was this:

            But it handles not the licensing of SOMs and SDEs when they are installed on the database machine and not on the SOCs.

            Also some experiences from users were nice (especially vinayjaiman) if this is 100% the truce.

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              The most useful information I have found on system configuration and licensing is


              I would also appreciate some more detailed deployment scenario examples (a simplified document e.g. whitepaper) from the vendor describing the required licensing.

              My question, If you only have one ArcGIS Server Enterprise Standard license (4 core), can you enable Geodatabases on two separate DBMS servers (e.g. Oracle and SQL Server) using direct connect with the same arcsde license? I gather the answer is no, but I would appreciate some confirmation.