ArcMobile 10 Newbie

Discussion created by kcheng888 on Jan 4, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by cfallon
Hi All,

I'm new to ArcGIS mobile 10 and been trying to figure out how to create my first project.

I've installed ArcView 10 on my desktop pc and ArcMobile 10 on a windows tablet pc.

In Arcview 10 I've created a map document ("mxd") with several different shapefiles stored locally on my desktop pc.

What tool do I use in ArcToolbox to export my mxd file to arc mobile format to use as a "basemap" or "operational" layer?  I don't have ArcServer yet, so I'm trying to do this via ArcView --> Arc Mobile.  (I'd like to export to an arc mobile format that I can save on my tablet pc via a usb memory stick)

I looked around the forums without any specific details.  Any guidance would be much appreciated.