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    RasterConversionOpClass ToRasterDataset into Memory


      Is possible to use ToRasterDataset with workspace into memory ?

              Dim pTransformationOp As ITransformationOp = New ESRI.ArcGIS.GeoAnalyst.RasterTransformationOp
              Dim pWSF As IWorkspaceFactory = New InMemoryWorkspaceFactory
              Dim pWS As IWorkspace = Nothing
              Dim pWorkSpaceName As IWorkspaceName
              Dim pName As IName
              Dim pGeoDS As IGeoDataset = Nothing
              Dim rasterWorkspaceFactory As New RasterWorkspaceFactoryClass()
              Dim rasterWorkspace As IWorkspace = Nothing
              Dim rasterConversionOp As New RasterConversionOpClass()
              Dim pRasterEnv As IRasterAnalysisEnvironment = Nothing
              Dim pEnvelopeClip As IEnvelope = Nothing

                  pEnvelopeClip = IncreseEnvelope(pPolygon.Envelope, iPercentageIncreseAreaClip)
                  pRasterEnv = CType(pTransformationOp, IRasterAnalysisEnvironment)
                  pRasterEnv.SetExtent(esriRasterEnvSettingEnum.esriRasterEnvValue, pEnvelopeClip)

                  pTransformationOp = pRasterEnv
                  pGeoDS = pTransformationOp.Clip(pRasterTerrainSurface, pEnvelopeClip)

                  pWorkSpaceName = pWSF.Create("", cFileNameSurfaceAreaClip, Nothing, 0)
                  pName = TryCast(pWorkSpaceName, IName)
                  pWS = TryCast(pName.Open, IWorkspace)

                  ClipLayerSurfaceOnAOI = rasterConversionOp.ToRasterDataset(pGeoDS, "TIFF", pWS, cFileNameSurfaceAreaClip)

      thanks at all