ArcGis 10 WMS/WFS problems

Discussion created by vabastiil on Feb 17, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2011 by mhaimila
I got problems with WMS and WFS services when trying to open with other Gis programs than ArcMap

WMS - QuantumGis will find service, but can't use - EPSG Projection 3301 - Estonian Coordinate System of 1997 (just can't see anything), when im selecting WGS84 coordinate system it will show picture, but projection is wrong and therefore there is no use of it
MapInfo and Arcmap works just fine

WFS - gvSIG, Quantum, Arcmap - works just fine
When trying to connect with Mapinfo, i get error: "Unable to retrieve capabilities from the WFS Server" and thats all

Where might be problem in here?
How to fix it?

At the moment we are in rush and trying to decide witch mapserver to pick.
Minesota mapserver seems to work just fine with all gis programs, but arcmap seems to have some problems...