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Discussion created by nicolea on Feb 25, 2011
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I am currently working on a project where I need to export a map to pdf format in order to edit it in Adobe illustrator for a publication.

We are getting strange results when saving to pdf - when I open the resulting pdf file it is divided into horizontal strips, which are selected separately.  On consulting with someone who knows more about the adobe software, he came back to me saying:

The main problem I've noticed with the two maps is that the green and grey areas [separate layers in the project] are pixelated images within the strips, these should be vector/outline images. This may be down to how the maps has been generated from the map software. The other maps I've seen have these areas in vector/outlines so they can be selected and coloured in Illustrator but this isn't possible with this map.

After reading this, I opened a different project in ArcMap, and tried saving that as a pdf.  I used the default settings for exporting.  It came out without the strips.  I thought yey, problem solved - I'll just use the exact same export settings.  I tried this, and saved.... opened the pdf and... it was in strips.

Is there a setting I am missing or not aware of that might be doing this?  Is there something about the layers that are being put into this strip format that is causing it?  It isn't every layer that has this happen - just some.

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