Automated Windows EC2 backups

Discussion created by stumitch on Mar 3, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by uri_n2ws

We've got the AGS10 and Postgres AMIs working fine, and in tandem. We're looking at backup strategy. I want to be able to automate backup on a daily basis. I've been through the AMI API tools and using ec2-bundle-vol to create AMIs automatically, but this API is only available for Unix. I've run it through Cygwin, though, and it works, but it feels a very unwieldy way of doing it.

Effectively we want to be able to mimic Elasticfox's 'create image' function. I've got scripts that can take down and boot up instances extgernally.

Does ESRI have a recommended Windows AGS10 (+ EBS volumes) backup strategy? I want to be able to prove it works by (manually) recovering quickly from a backup.

Help would be much appreciated :)