Locator Map - Township, Range and Section

Discussion created by bokeefe on Mar 12, 2011
We have an ATLAS system in my City where roughly each QuarterSection is an ATLAS page. I say roughly because some of the Sections are tweaky at best. The system currently resides on Mylars and I was hired in to transfer the data over to an ESRI-based system. As part of this, I would like to reproduce these ATLAS page Mylars with a Layout Template.

The Mylars do not currently give display any Township-Range-Section information (not sure why, but whatever) however I have tons of data being provided by our local Tax Assessor/Land Records offices. One of the pieces of data I have is the Township Range and Section for my city and surrounding cities. What I would like to do is display the Section data for each page.

So for instance. Page 1 is in Section 1, Township 19-N, Range 12-E. It is not exactly the SE/4 but it is close. So I would like to include a locator map showing Sec-1, T-19-N, R-13-E on my layout window. However, I would like to 'Clip' that section so no other Sections/Townships/Ranges display in that Locator Map. In that window I plan on displaying just basic parcel data with a bounding box around the outlines of the current page.

The idea would be that when I printed out a Mylar replacement page, the user browsing through the pages could 'at a glance' tell what Township-Range-Section they were looking at.

I have only started with page 1 so far. But I am creating a Feature Class of each page. I can 'easily' include Township-Range-Section for each page if that helps to orient the locator map. I'm at that development part of the process where I'm still trying to figure out HOW to get it accomplished. I could JUST as easily trash and re-create my ATLAS Page Feature Class as I could adjust it to hold whatever data I need to make this work.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated.