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    Build errors in Network Dataset

      I am trying to create a network of paths/trails/roads, villages and mine sites. I am creating a service area network analysis based on Pedestrian travel time to mine sites. I have creaded evaluators that have a hierarchy of roads based on type of road and another attribute of Pedestrian Travel time that is a cost attribute based on the length of the road.
      I keep receiving build errors when I try to build the network, the text file of errors lists point locations of mines and villages and says "standalone user-defined junction is detected". What does this mean?
      Is there an attribute for the point files that I am missing?

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          I'm having similar problems. I have a single-line road network representing roads, trails and sidewalks. I have a point file that represents "points of conflict (POC)" everywhere these meet or cross. I added this as a participating layer in my network dataset and used it as an attribute/evaluator with a constant value of 1 (so that I can have Arc count the number of times a route passes through one using Network Analyst's "Accumulation Attributes").

          When I did the build of my network dataset, it did not put a "ND junction" point at all these points (and I can't see any pattern in where it opted to put one vs. not put one). Any of my "POC" points that are not coincident with the ND junction points produces a standalone error.

          I used sketch attributes to make sure that all my POC points actually fall on existing edges, so I'm a bit stumped, and not sure how Arc is determining which intersections deserve a junction and which don't.

          - Purple square: "points of conflict" (feature class)
          - Blue circle: ARC-created ND junction points

          The paths used to create my Network Dataset were all planarized beforehand (so every POC pt is at an endpoint of a line segment), and connectivity was set to "Any Vertex"

          All (orange), bikelane (green), mixed (grey-blue) and POC pts (purple squares) are all in Connectivity Group 1.

          Bike (red), ped (brown) and pedbike (blue) are all in Connectivity Group 2. (It looks like there are no errors in this set - any POC that falls on lines of one of these three colours is fine. I would have thought that that meant that junctions just fall where paths from different connectivity groups meet, but some of the intersections of Group 1 with other Group 1 segments warranted a junction while others didn't).

          Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!