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    Offline analysis tools?

      We are working with a Search and Rescue Group here in New Zealand and most of their work is in areas with no coverage. We have set up a laptop running AGX 1500 (they love the 2D/3D options) and have built a couple of addins already to help them with geting coordinate positions etc. They also take data directly from GPS units to display and would like to integrate it with their radios with built in GPS so they can track searchers.

      They really want some analysis tools - particularly a tool which creates buffers. Essentially they want to click on the map in the last known position of the person and it buffers out at set distances so they can plan their responses and see the areas they need to cover. Eventually they would like scenario based analysis ie certain people tend to behave in this way and to create buffers taking into account terrain etc.

      The buffer analysis tool that comes with AGX works when disconnected so it is obviously possible to write analysis tools which are not run off a server, but I am not sure how to access the same functionality myself (fairly new to .Net coding and using vb.net). Does anyone know if there is any source code available for the buffer tool or how to replicate the buffering?
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          I've not had time to look at the forums for awhile sorry or would have replied sooner. Are you the Grant Herbert that works at QLDC with Ryan Clements?
          If so are you using the addin I wrote for SAR with regards to the Infinity GPS radio mics? There are a number of SAR related addins that I have available on the resource centre, the last was a multiple GPX file importer for ArcMap.

          With regards to analysis tools, what specifically were you looking for in terms of functionality? With the exception of the buffer tool everything else must be pointed at a GP service.

          The guys from the MapSAR team (primarily Jon Pedder (Sierra Madre SAR in Pasadena) and George Durkee (National Parks Service Sequoia / Kings Canyon), Paul Doherty (National Parks Service, YOSAR, Yosemite, CA) along with a few others have a SAR template / workflow that they have been working on. It utilizes ArcGIS Desktop, Explorer desktop and ArcGIS Server. A few of us here at ESRI have been providing help where we can. Paul is about to complete his doctorate in GIS with a specific focus on Lost person behavior, mapping and modelling.

          Here is the main site for MapSAR: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/sar-and-gis

          Perhaps I could give you a call to work out how best to help. I know QLDC's number.

          kind regards,
          Edan Cain