Storing Metadata for Mixed datasets (from different sources) in ArcSDE

Discussion created by khaledmd on May 22, 2011
I work in a company where metadata has not been stored properly for the various datasets in the ArcSDE server. We want to start capturing this correctly but I'm not sure where to start. We have various layers in an ArcSDE layers which come from different sources. For example, we have a featureclass called 'Protected Areas' that has been created from various sources and is updated from various sources periodically. The sources of the data are captured in a 'Reference' field in the attribute table but not all metadata from the datasource is captured. However, since the data comes from different sources, I'm finding it difficult to capture the metadata from all the different sources for the single combined featureclass. The same applies to all the different featureclasses in these 'mixed' datasets in ArcSDE. I'm aware of the FGDC Metadata standards and XML based metadata capture for specific datasets but I'm not sure how I can apply it to a mixed datasets (featureclasses) in ArcSDE. I would appreciate any suggestions.