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    ArcPad Developers Manual

      Is there such a thing as an "ArcPad Developers Manual" ?

      I've checked on the ESRI site and can't find anything to help developers get started w/the product, and I've also checked Amazon to see if they had anything. No luck there either.  I am aware that v10.x may allow for better integration of Python scripts...has ESRI substantiated this anywhere?

      Any suggestions?
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          Hi Glenn,

          ArcPad Studio documentation is accessed from within the application itself via ArcPad Studio Help menu > Help > Customizing ArcPad. ArcPad Studio Help includes tutorials, developer samples, and instructions how to customize ArcPad Forms, Toolbars, etc. Improvements to ArcPad Studio documentation are in the works, including making it an online resource. You can also access the Object Model Diagram for ArcPad Studio Help menu.

          Currently, most examples are VBScript yet there is existing enhancement, CQ00312829; Provide python code samples for ArcPad Geoprocessing tools in the ArcPad Help documentation.     This CQ is currently under consideration by ArcPad team for implementing in future release of ArcPad. Please contact Esri Support and ask that you be added to CQ00312829 and you will be able to track the status of this and other CQs/NIMs you are linked with via 'My Support' option on Esri Support site.