Create Routes Problem

Discussion created by raymcgowan on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2011 by ghopkins
I've been trying, without success, to create a set of routes from a bunch of line segments. The CreateRoute tool will read the line segment shape file and create a route layer however the routes which are created are a bit of a mess. The original line segments are discontinuous and occasionally at one of these discontinuities in the created route the route will change direction - I assume it's reverting to the digitised direction of the original line segment, though I'm not sure.

I don't have any measure field for the line segments so I'm allowing ArcGis to use the length as the measure source and specifying the coordinate priority. The length is also strange. For example, when I created a point route event layer I was able to create and plot points at lengths of over 20 km on a line which was only 17.5 km long. The Event at 8 km also appeared approximately 200 metres away form the Event at 2 km.

Anybody have any idea what's going on? Because I'm stumped. Usually I have clean data sets to work with but this one landed on my desk as a pile of MapInfo files and I'm getting nowhere with it.