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    Create map document with large dataset


      I have a SDE feature class with over 1 million features and I want to create a map document so that I can serve the data out through ArcGIS Server. Every time I tried to add the feature class as a layer on ArcMap, it took for ever to draw the map so I had to kill ArcMap and never be able to save the map as a map document. How can I add the feature class to ArcMap? If I need only a subset of the data, how can I filter the data before adding it to the map?

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          Have you tried using a query layer? This may allow you to filter what is added without ArcMap reading all the features first. If you make any GIS services from this, be aware that the ArcGISSOC account on the Server will need to be able to access query layer information and the server(s) will need to have the same database access settings as the desktop machine.

          What is a query layer?
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            You can add a subset by going to your gp toolbox and use the Make Feature layer tool.
            Toolboxes\System Toolboxes\Data Management Tools.tbx\Layers and Table Views\Make Feature Layer
            or if you wanted to add the entire dataset you could modify your arcmap options and uncheck the setting to "make newly added layers visible by default" (it's on the General tab). Then set a Scale Range for you layer. check it on then publish it...