feature to raster ArcGIS10.0 SP2 vs Arcview GIS 3.3a

Discussion created by bemmelvb on Aug 8, 2011
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Can somebody please explain why a feature (polygon-shape) to raster conversion of 3.1 million features does work in Arcview GIS 3.3a and not in ArcGIS10.0 SP2?

In Arcview GIS 3.3a it takes about 15 minutes, in ArcGIS 10.0 (with the Feature to Raster option or Polygon to Raster option) it will crash after 7 hours with a 9999-error code.

The total file size is 2.55 GB (of which 2.1 GB is by the dbf-file). I work for ArcView 3.3a with a Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 SP3, 3.4 GHZ CPU and 2.0 GB of RAM. For ArcGIS I work with Windows server 2008.

How is it possible a software package of almost 10 years old is more reliable and faster for these kind of operations? Please explain. Thanks in advance.