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    Compatability Issues with ArcGIS 10.2?

      I am in the process of installing ArcGIS 10.2, and in order to do so I had to remove ArcLogistics 9.3.  The message that I received stated a conflict between the two.

      Will I be able to use ArcLogistics 9.3 with ArcGIS 10.2?  This could become an issue, as I use ArcLogistics regularly to route drivers.  This is not a daily process due to our work flow, but when I do get requests, they can be very complex.  ArcLogistics has been a time/money saver for our organization, and I would hate to have to go back to the manual process of routing.

      Please let me know of any workarounds or solutions.
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          Hi Gavin, currently the latest release of ArcGIS is version 10 so I think maybe you mean ArcGIS 10 with service pack 2? 

          You're correct that ArcLogistics 9.3 can't be installed on the same machine as ArcGIS 10 but there is an ArcLogistics version 10 as well which is compatible.  You should contact your sales rep. for more info. 

          Other workarounds also exist including running a virtual machine on the host computer so you can have 2 completely different environments but this starts getting a bit more complicated.