Best tablet/laptops to use in the field for data collection?

Discussion created by gvma09 on Sep 23, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2013 by bruceriv68
There's a big water/sewer construction project starting soon here and we have a Trimble GeoXH to locate the features as they are being placed into the ground.

To help the workload, we are going to have a crew (possibly the Inspectors) carry tablets or laptops around to input the attributes into an Excel/Access spreadsheet possibly? Or ArcMap maybe..., about each feature.

This is to ensure the GPS guy has time to 'locate' the features and move on, while giving the other guys time to actually input information about the features into the database.

What do you recommend as far as tablets/laptops to carry in the field? We've been looking at Toshiba and Dell netbooks so far. We need something with good battery life, rugged durability, and good performance/reliability.

Trimble Yuma's are out of the budget.