creating a template with variable data for state DOT NEPA documents

Discussion created by mscogburn on Oct 10, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2011 by HealdsburgCA
I'm looking to create a template or base map for my group at work (approx. 10 employees). The ArcGIS skill level amongst my group members varies, which is why I have been tasked with creating guidelines and a base map so that all of our reports look consistent.

The majority of layers needed for each project are the same, however each project varies depending on which county its in. Currently our GIS files are sorted by county so that each county in the state has their own folder with streets, boundaries, and parcels. Is there a way I can make a template with access to each of these variables so that a user does not have to navigate to the county specific folders to add streets, boundaries, and parcels? The reason being is so that novice GIS users can access this template to produce a map for our reports that is consistent in design.

Does anyone have any ideas or tips? Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated!