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      Hi All,

      I can't found any info on the density column that is stored in the sde.st_geometry_index table.  I know what the description is, but what I am looking for is recommendations on the value that is stored.  Ex: if I have a feature class with a density of 237 is that good or bad?  If it is bad how do I change or alter this value.

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          As with most tuning situations, a single scalar value is unlikely to be good or bad on its own.
          What is more important is the context -- How many total features?  How many index rows
          per feature?  How large is the usual query?  How large is the expected return result for the
          usual query?

          I don't think that table was really meant to be a human resource.  You might try using the
          'sdelayer -o si_stats' utility, which will give more information about the nature of your
          spatial index parameters, and their context with respect to the whole.  If you post the
          results here, we might be able to help you more.

          - V
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            thanks vangelo