accessing private ArcGIS online maps

Discussion created by dbecker88 on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2015 by adamcarto
Have a map saved on arcgis online that has a few shapefiles added to it. This map is only viewable to a private group, not the public.

Is there any way to reference this map 'service' from a template on our webserver? I'm able to successfully view a public map service from ArcGIS online by copying the public mapid and inserting it into the template index.html.

I also tried to generate a token as explained in this guide, and was able to get the username/password login when accessing the template, but all username/password entries fail?


is this even possible?


ps. sorry for double-posting the issue, but the other thread was referring to https (SSL) secure ArcGIS Server resources.