Create an Address Locator with Tiger files

Discussion created by rebecb on Dec 13, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2011 by bauman312
I am trying to create an address locator for the state of Texas (it can be split into 11 regions).  I read over the PDF on relationships on the Census Bureau's website(  They recommend using the All Lines shapefiles which also require the Address Ranges Relationship files for all of the address data.  I have downloaded several county All Lines shapefiles and the Address Ranges Relationship files for these counties.  I merged the shapefiles for the counties and the tables and now have one shapefile and one table.  The Census Bureau says to link these two files using the TLID field.  However, it is a one (shapefile) to many (table) relationship since each line segment has multiple address rnages associated with it.  I have not created an address locator before, but I understand it needs to be a single file.  How can I join these to use them as intended - to create an address locator?