Upstream distance DEM

Discussion created by MBoucher21 on Dec 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by MBoucher21
I want to get the upstream distance to all points in a DEM from a single downstream point. The goal is to create a "downstream distance to a point grid". This then would allow me to create "distance" contours upstream from a point in the watershed.

I tried using the Raster Calculator with this equation:

Outras = Con("Fdr" == 1,16,Con("Fdr" == 2,32,Con("Fdr" == 4,64,Con("Fdr" == 8,128,Con("Fdr" == 16,1,Con("Fdr" == 16,1,Con("Fdr" == 32,2,Con("Fdr" == 64,4,Con("Fdr" == 128,8)))))))))

This "reverses" the flow direction in the Fdr grid, but doesn't really work.

Any suggestions?