problems with annotation in import/export of DGN files in Arc10

Discussion created by chris_endler on Dec 19, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2012 by kwgis
I am trying to import/spatially edit/export a large number of DGN v8 tiles.  I can't get Arc to recognize the font of the CAD data in the initial import (using "CAD to Geodatabase" tool); it all defaults to Arial.  I have installed a truetype version of the Microstation font on the machine I am using for this and added the font into a Style.  I can then change the font in the Annotation feature class to match my CAD drawings, but Arc still tries to export the font as Arial.  Also, maybe the biggest problem with my export from GDB to CAD tiles ("Export to CAD" tool) is that the annotation not only does not export in the correct font, it also distorts and expands spatially to where each CAD tile is 10s of time larger spatially than it should be, just because of the annotation.  All the point, line and polygon elements of the CAD data export perfectly into place.  This annotation problem occurs whether or not I have the projection for the GDB and data frame set correctly in ArcMap before export.