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    Remove Characters using Field Calculator


      I've had this issue in the past, and don't think I've ever come up with a great way to resolve it other than doing a manual cut/paste for each field. 

      I have one field of attributes that has an address and a direction (100 S Main St - 2NW; 1343 W Kimberly Rd - 3WSE; etc) and I need to calculate just the address portion (100 S Main St; 1343 W Kimberly Rd; etc) into a new field.  I know that I can use the Left/Mid/Right functions to remove a specific number of characters from a string, but my proplem is that that number will vary.  Is there any way that I can calculate only the characters to the left of the hyphen (as all attributes have the hyphen) into a new field?  Or by the same token, remove all characters to the right of, and including, the hyphen?

      Thanks in advance!