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    geo statistic -- serious application error

           My name is Greg Ricker. I am a part-time graduate student in the Spatial Engineering program at University of Maine. I also work full time for the State of Maine in DHHS.

      This Fall(2011) I was enrolled in a geo statistics class (SIE 512) .  I wanted to use this chance to explore ESRI's geo stats tools. I took advantage of the $100 offer and bought the tools for home use. !

      Unfortunately I have found the tools unusable. Many of the geo statistic functions crash ArcMap. When it does crash I let it send a crash report but I have never heard anything back. I was forced to use "R" for the class instead of ESRI tools. I would like to continue the work using ArcMap so how do I go about getting the crash issues resolved?


      Greg Ricker