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    Hybrid Routing

      ALN has the ability to call upon ArcGIS Network Analyst to provide the routing capability.

      I would need to know what is the amount of data involved in a typical request and response for a route calculation.
      Are we talking kilobytes, several 10s of kilobytes or are megabytes involved. We need this to better understand
      the limits when low-bandwidth, heavily contended networks are involved and what to and not to expect on such systems.

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          The size of the payload returned is highly dependent on the length and complexity of the route, the number of stops, as well as density of streets on which your route is traveling.  You should be able to turn on fiddler to intercept the requests and then run some representative routes to see size of the request and response.  Make sure you use representative size routes.  And be aware that re-routes to get you back on route will be a smaller request as it just routes to the portion to get you back on track.  If it isn't possible for you to run fiddler to collect this information yourself, I can do this for you if you post a list of stops.

          Matt Crowder