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    ESRI for Android connecting to Internal Server

      I can't get connected to my internal ArcGIS Server from the Android ArcGis App.  I can connect to arcgismobile.esri.com/arcgis/mobile.  Take note that I just set up the ArcGIS server 10.1 beta.  Published a simple feature service that I can access from ArcMap.  I remembered to include the MobileService and can see it on the server services url.  I get the feeling that it is a server security issue but am not sure.  I can also ping the server ip address from my android without issue.
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          I thought I'd drop the information from your incident in this thread as well.

          The PDF below provides some information on publishing your map services in a web map in ArcGIS Server's Mobile Content Directory:

          To use map services in ArcGIS for Android, they do not need to have mobile access enabled. Only the mapping capability is necessary to view the map in the application.

          Additionally, you can create a web map through ArcGIS.com or ArcGIS Explorer Online and view them in the ArcGIS for Android application. To do this, simply configure the web map as you would like, save it to your Content, log in with your global account to ArcGIS for Android, and navigate to your Content.